Opening General Session Featuring Bettina Deynes, SHRM-SCP and Kaplan Mobray

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General Session
Opening General Session Featuring Bettina Deynes, SHRM-SCP and Kaplan Mobray
10/03/2017 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM |
Location: Kierland 2 & 3
0.00 TBD

Hear from SHRM's VP, Human Resources & Diversity, Bettina Deynes and from author, speaker, career consultant and founder of Kaplan Mobray Leadership Institute, Kaplan Mobray.

The 10 K's of Personal Branding: How to Make Yourself Memorable and Build a Brand That Elevates Your Career 

The 10 K's of Personal Branding is a thought-provoking presentation that will help you build your personal brand. This keynote will cover such topics as the six-second elevator speech, establishing recall, effective tips on how to connect with others, and leaving a lasting impression. You will be inspired to think about yourself in a totally new way and learn techniques on how leave a positive impression that builds career success and life focus. This presentation will explain the10Ks of personal branding:

  1. Know thyself.
  2. Know what you want to be known for.
  3. Know how to be consistent.
  4. Know how to accept failure as part of building your personal brand.
  5. Know how to communicate your personal brand attributes.
  6. Know how to create your own opportunities.
  7. Know and master the art of connection.
  8. Know that silence is not an option.
  9. Know your expectations, not your limitations.
  10. Know why you are doing what you are doing today and how it will shape where you are headed tomorrow.

These principles can change your life, give you focus, propel your career, and take you to a much greater place.

Bettina Deynes, SHRM-SCP Photo
Bettina Deynes, SHRM-SCP, Interim Chief HR & Strategy Officer, SHRM
Kaplan Mobray Photo
Kaplan Mobray, author, speaker, career consultant and founder, Kaplan Mobray Leadership Institute