Lunch and General Session Featuring Polly LaBarre

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General Session
Lunch and General Session Featuring Polly LaBarre
10/03/2017 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM |
Location: Kierland 2 & 3
0.00 TBD

The End of Leadership as We Know It

This keynote will build on the key theme of the new era — leadership is no longer a function of your title or where you sit in the organization; it’s a function of your capacity to get things done with other people. You’re a leader today because you have followers—not the other way around. At some point or another then, everybody in the organization has a chance to exercise his or her leadership capability. LaBarre will offer practical ways to embed 21st century leadership capability across the organization by rethinking values, breaking down bureaucracy, increasing engagement, banning orthodoxy and welcoming mavericks, misfits and heretics.

Polly LaBarre  Photo
Polly LaBarre , business thought leader, author and founding member of Fast Company