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How are you integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your business strategies and operations?

Generative AI has the potential to reshape industries in both the digital and the physical workspaces. As we navigate this disruptive wave of change, one tenet stands out—the true power of AI emerges when combined with human intelligence (HI), defining your organization’s ability to thrive amid industry changes.

With a legacy spanning 75 years in the pursuit of enhancing workplaces, SHRM is bringing these two powerful forces together at our new event, The AI+HI Project, this March 4-6, 2024, in Mountain View, Calif.

This program has been tailored for C-suite executives and senior HR and business leaders.

Join us for pivotal and enlightening discussions alongside leading experts and executives. Together, let’s shape the future, overcome initial challenges and guide our workforce to seamlessly integrate AI into core business strategies.

Why You SHould Attend

Transform Your Strategy

Discover how to harness the potential found at the intersection of AI and HI (human intelligence

Future-Proof Your Organization

Gain access to the latest insights on navigating and integrating AI-driven transformation into your workplace.

Forge Powerful Connections

Meet influential executives and thought leaders in the AI space and unlock unparalleled networking opportunities.

Maximize the ROI
of AI + HI

Strategically adopt AI to turn tech investments into profit and business growth while prioritizing human ingenuity at your organization's core.


Lead innovation in your industry by empowering your workforce with AI training and tools to revolutionize traditional business practices.


Explore AI workplace ethics and learn how to implement responsible AI practices that respect privacy and diversity.

Content Tracks

Applying AI in Your Organization

Before AI can rewire your organization, you must learn how to implement it properly. Learn to determine use cases for AI, deploy tools effectively, navigate legal and ethical challenges, and integrate AI into the human intelligence already present in your organization.

AI and Strategic Leadership

You’ve heard how AI can optimize processes throughout your organization. But it can also help executives enhance their leadership skills and make better decisions. Learn how to create strategic alignment between your business goals and AI policies to unlock the potential of predictive AI.

Understanding AI’s Societal Impact

The implications of AI extend far beyond the workplace. Education, media, politics and more will all be forever altered by advancements in AI technology. Discover the societal shifts transforming the business landscape in the coming years and learn how your organization can best respond.


Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus | 1045 La Avenida St. | Mountain View, Calif. 94043

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