Advocacy Day/Capitol Hill Visit

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Advocacy Day is an opportunity to shape future policies and amplify HR’s voice on Capitol Hill. The Employment Law and Legislative Conference provides a unique opportunity for HR professionals to meet with their respective U.S. Senators and U.S. House of Representative on Capitol Hill. SHRM’s Government Affairs team will provide a legislative briefing and schedule meetings on Capitol Hill for you.  During the meetings with elected officials and their staffs, you will join other HR advocates from your state to discuss how pending workplace legislation affects employees and employers in your community. By participating in the Capitol Hill visits, you join forces with other SHRM advocates - many of whom have heralded these meetings with lawmakers as the highlight of their previous conference experiences. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to join the HR advocacy army as we raise our voices to protect and advance the HR profession!
*Pre-registration required.
Photos from 2016:


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Top 7 Reasons to Download and Use SHRM’s Advocacy App:

  1. Immediately take action on SHRM alerts using provided templates;
  2. Look up your state and federal lawmakers, their background and contact information;
  3. Join SHRM’s growing Advocacy Team (A-Team);
  4. Quickly submit lawmaker meeting or event feedback;
  5. Engage with lawmakers and fellow HR professionals on social media;
  6. View legislative information on key workplace issues;
  7. Stay up-to-date on legislative and agency proposals impacting the workplace – and more!

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Check out the action and memories from this and previous conferences: #SHRMLeg