Affiliate Conferences

2015 HRPS Annual Conference
Transforming the World fo Work 
April 19-22, 2015
The Biltmore Hotel
Miami, FL

The 2015 Annual Conference will help you link theory and practice while providing you with proven, real-world strategies to take back to your business. Discover how industry leaders are addressing top business challenges by managing rapid change, analyzing big data, increasing mindfulness, and more.


CFGI Symposium
June 8-11, 2015
Washington, DC

As a professional tasked with managing your organization’s in-house immigration needs, you are under pressure to keep abreast of changes in Washington, and around the world, and how they impact your operations. The Council for Global Immigration Symposium brings together government officials, international leaders, industry experts and your peers to give you the information, techniques and tools you need to facilitate global talent mobility. 


CalSHRM California State Legislative and HR Conference 
April 8-10, 2015
Sacramento, CA

Laws and regulations enacted in California are as complex and ever-changing as its landscape. Keeping up with these changes is a daunting task. For the most complete and current summary of everything going on in Sacramento and in D.C. that’s relevant to your work as a California HR professional, you need to attend the 2014 California State Legislative & HR Conference so you can stay on top of employment laws that could impact your organization.